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What paint works best for Pumpkin Painting

What paint works best for Pumpkin Painting

What paint works best for Pumpkin Painting

By Spramani Elaun

In this blog I’m going to explain what paint works best for pumpkin painting, and share my best painting tips.

I get this question every fall from my students parents and teachers, what paint works for pumpkin painting?

The answer is  Acrylic Paint works best for painting pumpkins.

Why acrylic paint works best for pumpkin painting!

  1. Acrylic paint is made with a polymer resin that dries like plastic, making it water proof.
  2. It will stick to a pumpkin for the life of the pumpkin.
  3. It usually has a semi shinny finish.
  4. If you put your pumpkin outside during the autumn season it will withstand  weather and rain, no paint will drip off or wash away.
  5. Acrylic comes in safe student grade for kids.

So there you have it, five good reason why acrylic paint is the best choice for painting pumpkins. Acrylic can come in safe non-toxic student grade. Just check the bottles. Please do not use adult grade acrylics with small children. Adult grade paints may have dangerous chemical only adults can handle with care. Student grade will have a Conforms to ASTM D 4236  on the bottle, his means the paint is safe for kids to handle and has been tested by a toxicologists and is not harmful for kids.

Pumpkin Painting Best Tips:

So here’s some of my favorite tips on painting with kids. I paint hundreds of pumpkins with kids in my fall art events and classes.

What paint works best for Pumpkin Painting

Prep Your Pumpkin before painting.

Pick pumpkins that have no blemishes to keep them from rotting.

Pumpkins should be wiped down with soap and water or wiped off before painting.

Even take off those stickers!

Be sure pumpkin is dry before painting.

Where should you paint pumpkins

I recommend outdoors if it’s not too cold yet.

It’s much easier the handle any keep messy paint from moving around.

You can place a drop cloth on the ground in the back yard or garage.

Be sure small kids can move around the space.

If you have no drop cloth use old newspapers to catch paint drips.

Lastly, be sure to wear clothes that can get messy and withstand stains.

Even if you think you’re not going to get paint on them, you and kids should still wear art clothes or a painters smock, just be prepared!

best colors for painting a pumpkin

Materials & Supplies

Acrylic Paints




Water Jar

Have on hand a couple of paintbrushes, large and small ones. Sponges are also good to use for texture.

The water jar is where you will clean your paintbrushes in between colors.

Napkins are where you will wipe paintbrushes and any paint spills.

Palette is a place to hold paint. You can use a paper plate or bowl if you don’t have access to a palette.

Acrylic paint is best for pumpkins, however if you have no acrylic you can use tempera, or standard craft paints.

These paints wont be as thick or shiny as acrylic, but can work ok.

Remember some tempera may wash away in the rain.

That’s ok for young kids, the process is more important that the long-term effects of archiving the painting.


How kids can paint pumpkins for halloween

Tip: Don’t give kids too much paint, start with quarter size squeeze. I would show kids

how to paint small brushstrokes first.

If kids want to cover the whole pumpkin, just use up the quarter size squeezes, they go a go a long way, before refilling paint.

Color Pop

Try to use bright colors that will contrast the orange.

Use bright colors, like yellow, light green, white, purple, pink and black. These colors will give color pop!

Glam pumpkins with glitter!

Here’s a fun idea,  my daughter and I love glittering up our pumpkins and almost anything craft wise we paint with acrylic during the holidays.

If you put glitter on a wet acrylic it will glue on and stay right in the wet spot. It’s so great looking and festive. My students get so excited when I pull out the glitter, try it!

What paint works best for Pumpkin Painting



So, in this blog I shared my best paint to put on pumpkins, my materials and supply list, top tips, and how to give your pumpkin color pop. Happy Autumn!


Dry Watercolor Paints for Kids, Safe Non-toxic

Dry Watercolor Paints for Kids, Safe Non-toxic








Dry Watercolor Paints for Kids, Safe Non-toxic

By Spramani Elaun

I’m thrilled to be adding these new dry watercolor paints to our online store!

I’ve been looking for universal paints to teach basic painting skills to kids and finally found great products that work well.

This month you can find these new high quality kids watercolors on our website store.

These dry watercolor paints work great for young kids five years all the way to middle age kids and even teens. This is excellent student grade paint for kids to study basic painting techniques.

best dry watercolor pod cakes for kids to paint with, safe non toxic

This new set has an instant selection of 24 colors to choose from.


24 Dry Watercolor Paints for Kids, Safe Non-toxic

I love these because you don’t have to worry about crazy big messes, it’s easy to set-up and paint with these.

I’m not trying to eliminate the liquid kind of paints, just give my teachers and parents more manageable paints for the classroom or home.

These paints are perfect for that!

This month I’m going to be posting my free art lesson videos using these paints, stay tuned!

Dry Watercolor Paints for Kids, Safe Non-toxic, where to buy online

Dry Watercolor Artist Tin 24 bright Colors


Student Grade


Dry Watercolor Paints for Kids, Safe Non-toxic

These paints are safe for kids and non-toxic.

The selection of colors can also be sued to study color theory. There’s standard Red, Yellow and Blue which can create a full color wheel. True matched to my recommendations in my new color theory guide book.

These paints are water-soluble, means all you need is water to dilute.

I recommend a water jar and watercolor paper.

You can also find these supplies on our site.

This 24 color dry watercolor set also comes in a nice tin, lid is designed to function as a mixing palette.

I hope you like my new selection of dry watercolor kids paints. Check our site for other watercolor kit options.

You can purchase all three sets at our online store, click here!

Happy painting with kids.






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