How to buy safe acrylic paints for kids art projects


acrylic paint for kids

acrylic paint for kids

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All paints are art teacher approved.

Best for ages 2 years – adult

safe paints for kids

primary color mixing paints non toxic canvas paint safe non toxic children's kids toddlers arthow to mix primary colors

Acrylics come in 3 primary colours

plus Black & White

Five Colours RedYellowBlue White & Black

Acrylic Paints also used for Watercolour & Colour Theory

•Acrylics come in five colous, 3 primaries Red, Yellow, Blue plus Black & White

• Makes 12-step colour wheel perfectly!

• Can mix into secondary colours like green, orange, purple and brown

• Black & White helps mix tints, shades, tones and different hue values.

• Coverage is both opaque and transparent.

• Also dilutes down to a watercolour paint!

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art class eco kids paints safe non toxic non toxic canvas paint safe non toxic children's kids toddlers art

First ever kids 3 primary acrylic paint, non-toxic & V.O.C.-Free

Created by; Earth-Friendly Art Instructor,

 Child Art Expert,

Author Spramani Elaun

canvas paint safe non toxic children's kids toddlers art

Founder of Nature of Art For Kids®

“My inability to find safe true primary colour paint to mix into a 12-step colour wheel for teaching colour theory led me to create my very own safe earth-freiendly artist paints. I ventured, and made a specific paint for children’s projects, and application for true artist surfaces that last.

Our non-toxic paints are tested by a toxicologist and not harmful if ingested, absorbed or inhaled. Our paints are ASTM D 4236 labeled. We follow the guide provided by the American Society for Testing and Materials. All products selected in this catalog are suitable for a young child’s first art experiences.”

Spramani Elaun All Rights Reserved © 2015

non toxic canvas paint safe non toxic children's kids toddlers art

Paints on artist surfaces like; paper, rocks, wood surfaces, canvases and so much more.

• Paints on artist canvases

• Paints on rocks

• Paints on wood surfaces

• Paints on paper products and cardboard

• Paints on watercolor paper

• Paints on almost any surface like glass, fabric and Styrofoam



Made for children and artist sensitive to chemicals in typical adult-grade acrylics.

• No Strong Scent!

• Water-soluble

• Zero V.O.C. (Free of violent organic compounds)

• Non-Toxic Certified and Made by ACMI approved facility.

• Conforms to ASTM D 4236 – E.P.A. Standards

• Made and bottled in the U.S.A.

• Acrylic resin, mineral & synthetic colourants

• Nature of Art For Kids® sustainable San Diego company.

Read What Makes A Paint Environmentally Friendly, Read Full Blog Here!

Buys Sets Today!

$24.99 Starter Set Five 4.oz small bottles (Ships Free Within U.S.)


safe eco paints for kids acrylic children toddlers

$24.99 three 8.oz bottles (no white or back ) 

Ships Free Within U.S.


children's safe acrylic paints

$49.00 Five 16.oz bottles large bottles


eco safe acrylic paints for painting

Classroom Sizes or Event sizes $66.00 for all three primaries or $22.00 each bottle


safe acrylic paint for the classroom

Comes in Different Sizes!

4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz and even class room 1/2 gallon bottles.

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Acrylics also works like a watercolour 

Mix 1 part paint into 4 parts of water

No Strong Scent!

Made for young children and artist sensitive to chemicals in typical adult grade acrylics.


safe watercolor for kidssafe eco watercolor painting for kidstoddler safe eco paints

• Non-Toxic Certified 

• Conforms to ASTM D 4236 – E.P.A. Standards

• Made and bottled in the U.S.A.

• Nature of Art For Kids® is a sustainable San Diego company.


rock painting with safe acrylic paints for kids


Buy Non Toxic Paints Here

Have shipped anywhere in the U.S. in a few days


We sell Finger Paint & Watercolour too!

Ready Friendly Watercolor

Best for young children 15 months – teens

• Safe non-toxic U.S. Made

• Washable Paint!

• Transparent Paint

• Thick and liquid feeling

•Paint Base is Corn Starch & Water


watercolor for childrenyellow watercolor for kidsmixing primary colors kidspainting with kidskidsbubblewraping

Ready Friendly Watercolor is excellent for

color theory exploring and easy projects for toddlers.

color theory study for homeschoolers


Ready friendly comes in three sizes 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz 

Comes in three primary colors Red, Yellow & Blue which mixes into secondary colors perfectly.

homeschool art supplies


Three (8.oz) Ready Friendly Watercolor bottles


homeschool art activities


Three (4.oz) Ready Friendly Watercolor bottles, Starter Kit



Nature of Art For Kids is based out of San Diego California.

All our Acrylic & Watercolor paints are shipped, made and packed here in California.

Contact : (760) 652-5194

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 443 Solana Beach, Ca 92078


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Read how to pick paints for kid art projects

Created by American art teacher Spramani Elaun author of “Nurturing Children In The Visual Arts Naturally ©2014″

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