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Art | Kids| How to make natural paints from veggies


Art | Kids| How to make natural paints from veggies

By Spramani Elaun

Over the past seasons of art classes many parents have asked my advice on what is the safest paint is for their young kids, my answer is always homemade veggie paint straight from your own kitchen.

From the vegetable garden is always a safe alternative if you have the time.

During your babies transitions into toddler years from one year – three years they explore everything by tasting or putting into their mouths.

making paint for kids out of berries

Veggie paint is safe and natural and a great temporary alternative until they get older to use regular kids paint.

Even though there are many safe, non-toxic paints on the market these paints are not meant for toddlers to eat.

Veggie paint is great for first time young painters.

Making veggie paint is super easy to make.

toddler painting with natural veggie paints in art class

make kale natural paint for kids, organic art making veggie beets made for painting kids projects

Veggie Paint Made From Kale or Beets

Simple Steps:

Similar to making vegetable juice drinks, you can even use the same kitchen equipment.

In fact, if you have a juicing machine you should try that first.

1. Blend your choice of dark veggies with water in a food processor or blender.

Use three parts water to one part vegetables. Kale, beets, berries and carrots work well because pigments are dark.

2. Strain veggie juice to remove thick lumpy parts, so you only have liquid juice remains.

3. Thicken the juice with corn starch if you want a thicker textured paint or just leave it as a watery watercolor. If you mix in a warm pot over stove, paint will thicken constantly.

4. You can store veggie paint in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks while your child plays and paints.

Super safe and natural paint for your beginner little artist!



Spramani Elaun is an America Art Teacher and author of Nurturing Children in The Visual Arts Naturally®

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Natural art for kids, paints and projects with veggies

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Art | Kids| How to make natural paints from veggies | Projects

Art | Kids| How to make natural paints from veggies | Projects